Portable document scanning accessory with built-in lighting for smartphone users

Document scanning made easy

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StandScan - Portable Photo & Document Scanner

 Compatible with iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6 Plus and Android Phones


Scanning doesn't get easier than this. Portable document scanner for your mobile phone.

StandScan provides an elevated platform support for high quality scanning of documents and photos using your smartphone. It is a cost effective, portable and lightweight phone accessory that also helps you to scan live 3D objects. It's so easy to use, sets up in seconds and folds to fit in your computer bag!

Perfect for smartphone users to take great quality scans, even while on the go.


Smart Mobile Scanner For SmartPhone Users

All the features you want, none of the clutter
Standscan easily handles all the hassle of scanning
Portable Document Scanner for your smartphone

Compatible with Any Smartphone

StandScan being a smart scanner supports all smartphones that have a back facing camera (which is almost all of them) including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Lenovo. You can even keep your existing case on.

Instant sharing with friends and family

StandScan photo scanner enhances your photo scanning. Use it as a photo scanner and share your doodles with friends and family. Save memories by digitizing old pictures. Use facial recognition and tag people you know in photos. Enhance your images with cool photographic effects. Now get the best photos.

Receipt scanner

Scan clear copies of receipts / documents in under 10 seconds

With StandScan you can scan and archive documents and receipts as you get them and stay paper-free. Automatically have these synced with the cloud and access them on any device.

Wireless document scanning

No Drivers, Cables, software required

StandScan is a portable smart scanner. No need to install any driver or software for this smart document scanner. With StandScan, you just have to use the camera app on your phone. It already has basic image editing built in. So enhancing the color or cropping unwanted edges gets done in a jiffy. Now portable document scanning is at its best.

Mobile Document scanner

Saves you time and space

It is a small & smart scanner. To carry or store away StandScan, simply fold it into the size of an envelope to keep in your backpack or laptop case. It is one of the smartest scanners you find. StandScan makes your phone double up as a portable document scanner.

Enhance Productivity with 3rd party apps

Once a high quality scan is on your phone. It is easy to email it right away, use the CamScanner app to make single or multi page PDF documents or even convert images into editable text with OCR.

Portable light box and light tent

Instant ecommerce product pictures

With a pure white background and bright inbuilt lighting, take product pictures and put your products up for sale on ebay or Etsy in minutes. Use a professional camera, point and shoot or your smartphone.

Portable scanner with OCR for blind and visually impaired

Assistance for the visually impaired

Those who are visually impaired can easily use StandScan to scan documents, letters and books and have the text recognized and read out to them.

* Get professional quality, high definition scans.

* Click, easily share with friends and family instantly or use it to email, print or photocopy.

* Turns your phone into a complete portable document scanner



Say goodbye to stressful scanning devices. StandScan is here to take hassle-free scanning to a whole new level.

GO PRO for even more amazing images.

Scan easy with StandScan.

See how we stack up against other available portable scanning devices.


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When we asked our customers, here's some of the nice things they had to say...

So simple and effective.

Quick and easy to assemble, magnets do most of the work. Batteries needed for the light inside the box. Easy to use the stand, and allows for clearer pictures due to elimination of 'wobble' and shadows. Very happy with it.

- M.O

Cheap & Mobile

Perfect for a quick scanner replacement that folds flat & travels easily. Get the lighted model. Use with OCR app on your iPhone. Useful

- Digital Mark 

Great solution done inexpensively.

Low cost solution to the problem of recording in pictures paper work, business cards, brochures and advertisements. One two three!

- Alan Johnson

Great concept for the value!

StandScan is so easy to set up and works GREAT. I recommend getting the Pro model because the light is definitely worth it. My images come out crisp and clear. I use this product primarily for work and while I travel. The best part is that it fits PERFECTLY in my bag. I strongly recommend purchasing this product!

- Richa Nihalani