StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users


StandScan portable scanner is so versatile; you will find a use for it almost anywhere. The results you get from it are simply amazing!

See the images below and get ready to be blown away.

Portable document scanner

3D Object scanner - scan your items or products in a click.
Use anytime, day or night
Live presentations
Digitizing photos

StandScan as a portable document scanner


 Document Scanner


Document scanner 2

Preserve all your precious memories and share them instantly.

Use StandScan to photograph pictures with our photo scanner.

Photograph scanner


Need to sell something online? StandScan it! Used as a light box for 3D objects. Work great for jewelry as well.

3D object scanner

 StandScan light box


StandScan image

SS Object final result


Working round the clock? Use StandScan Pro anytime, day or night.

StandScan anytime scanning day or night


Easily create animated objects with your camera or mobile phone. This was created using StandScan.

3D rotating product image easily taken with StandScan