StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users


Are Magnets Required for StandScan Use?

No, the unit comes fully ready for use. You can start using it within seconds of receiving it by snapping the frame into place. Position your device's camera facing downward over
the hole on top of StandScan and start the camera application. Place the document in the scan area and Click!

Which devices are supported?

StandScan is optimized to work with most smartphones, especially iPhones and iPod touches. It also works well with any device that has a camera on the back. We look forward to providing iPad compatibility in the near future. For readable images, your phone should have at least a 3 megapixel camera.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?

Compatible phones will feature touch screen control, which allows the image to be captured without the use of buttons that may cause blurring of the image. To determine whether or not your phone is compatible, hold your phone 31cm above an A4 / US letter sized sheet. If you can see all four corners of the paper, your phone is supported


Can I use it even if I have a case on my phone?


Yes, you can use it even if you have a case protecting your phone. The phone simply sits on top of the table and isnt affected by the type of case on your phone.


What is the difference between StandScan and StandScan Pro

StandScan can be used with or without the back flap support for more light and fewer shadows on the images. StandScan Pro includes built in LED lights which can be connected to a 9V battery (battery not included) or 12V adaptor (see accessories) to transform the light within the unit to achieve amazingly clear scans and eliminate shadows. The additional light provides for higher quality images. More on this in the Features page.

How do we extract readable text from scans?

You can use many third party apps for this. Prizmo available on the App Store is pretty accurate and can have the text read out as well.

Can we use the camera flash instead of buying the StandScan Pro or StandScan Ultra models?

The LED lights which are included in the Pro model provide a more natural light which allows for clearer images. We do not recommend using a camera flash when scanning documents with StandScan.

Why is the battery not included with the kit?

Batteries are not allowed to be transported by air including courier, air cargo, airmail, etc. thus we cannot include it for you. It is commonly available and extremely easy to connect.

Why am I getting low quality images?

There can be a number of reasons for this.
1. There is not enough ambient light, so the camera must boost the image thus making it grainy.
2. The camera on your phone is not of a high enough quality or resolution. Most fairly modern smartphones including the iPhone 3GS have high quality cameras which capture clear images.
3. The LED lights on the Pro or Ultra models are not switched on.

What is Airplay mirroring / AllShare Play and how do I use it for live presentations?

If you have an iPhone and Apple TV, you can access the Airplay mirroring function (called AllShare Play for Android devices). This function allows you to display your mobile image in a large screen. For more information check out and

Can I use my iPhone as a wireless photocopier with AirPrint?

Airprint is a new feature available on all iPhones and relatively newer printers by HP, Canon and Eposon. Airprint allows you to wirelessly print to any AirPrint enabled printer. To make a photocopy, simply click a photo with your iPhone & StandScan, then hit Print. For more information check out

Can I use my regular printer if I do not have an Airprint enabled printer?

We recommend an application called Printopia for Mac OS which turns most printers connected to a Mac into an AirPrint enabled printer.

Will StandScan damage my electronics since it contains magnets?

You should not have any issues carrying StandScan with other electronics. The magnetic field has been limited to a small space so as not to interfere with the magnetic field of other devices.