StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users

Learn more about the innovative company that created StandScan, StandScan Pro and StandScan Ultra

StandScan was created by a company of on-the-go professionals. Tired of the hassle of photographing, uploading and scanning important documents, we sought out a way to streamline the scanning process. Hours of dreaming, thinking and brainstorming led to the creation of StandScan.

StandScan was designed by a printing expert and product engineer to provide our customers with a durable, sturdy and high-quality portable scanner while maintaining a price point that makes it affordable on any budget. The body is created in the image of the Egyptian pyramids, which creates a stable, functional scanner while allowing for the use of lightweight, portable building materials. Our LED lights provide you with natural lighting and incredible value. They are guaranteed to last for over 100,000 hours of use.

It is our goal to provide our clients with the a valuable, useful and environmentally-friendly product.

What sort of company is StandScan?

StandScan service  Create with love

We want to make StandScan a product you, our customers, love. Something that makes your lives easier. We're here to build a company and products that serves your needs and puts a smile on your face day-in, day-out.

StandScan support  Support that rocks

We want our support to be something people talk about. Not only do we attempt to be personable and helpful but we aim to answer every support request as soon as possible.


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