Scanning documents is a very important part of work. And when you have a smartphone, you do not need to carry a scanner along. You can do it easily on your Android device with the help of smart apps. Go through the following to know which apps are the most helpful in this area:

Turbo Scan

It is an iOS app that is most popular because of its ability to take three scans of the same document. That’s not all. It gives you the clearest possible scan you can think of. It costs $2.99 to the user.

Perfect OCR

Another presentation from the creators of Turbo Scan, this app is able to scan documents and also turn them into text. It can be used in several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese and French. With this app, costing $3.99, it is now simple to edit text and copy it to the clipboard, among many other things.

Genius Scan

It is a very helpful scanning app, which has a host of benefits for the users, including ones like using keywords for tagging documents. This will make the search for documents easier. Sharing scanned files through wifi is free and absolutely easy.


It has a scanning feature that can scan anything into a PDF and save it to Evernote. The saved item is then available on any device or the web. It is one of the best productivity apps ever, which lets you search through your entire scanned pile of documents.

Mobile Doc Scanner

It is a free Android app that is helpful for both basic scanning as well as an automatic cleanup of documents you have scanned for a clear document. Even though the app is free, ads and watermarks are put on your scanned files. You can try out a better $1 version of the same app.

Google Drive

Google Drive has the ability of brilliantly scanning documents. It makes PDF files to save to Google Driver, and at the same time perform OCR on them too.

Scanner Pro by Readdle

Scanner Pro is a helpful scanner app that can upload scanned images directly to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and also other cloud based storage services. This app, costing $2.99, can be used for emailing things you scan, simply by pressing the Send button.

After downloading these app on your smartphone, you can use standscan as a photo scanner and share photocopy of receipts, pamphlets and images. Save memories by digitizing old office documents. You can enhance your images with cool photographic effects. StandScan is perfect for official use. You can scan clear copies of receipts / documents in under 10 seconds.