StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users


StandScan Features


Scan documents or photograph objects instantly! StandScan is a cost effective, portable and lightweight document and 3D scanner that will help your smartphone take high quality scans and pictures. So easy to use, sets up in seconds and folds to fit in your computer bag! Get professional quality, high definition scans with your smartphone. Use it with any smartphone that has a camera at the back. Click, easily share with friends and family instantly or use it to email, print or photocopy. 


Say goodbye to stressful scanning devices. StandScan is here to take scanning to a whole new level!

GO PRO for even more amazing quality scans.

Scan easy with StandScan!


What is StandScan? 

StandScan is a portable scanning device that is held together with magnets that are strategically built into the design, snaps right into place and sets up and packs away in a few seconds, folds flat. Use as a document scanner or light box for objects. Use it to take pictures from any angle.


StandScan Specifications

Super light-weight and extra durable, weighs under 300 grams. It's made from laminated card to ensure durability. Holds the camera in place to let the autofocus give you crystal clear images. It has a large enough surface area to scan an A4-US letter size. StandScan has a matt laminated internal finishing to give you high quality non reflective images. StandScan also has built in LED lighting, which is powered by a simple 9V battery / 12V adapter. Works amazingly well day or night!  

Standing dimensions: Length- 310 mm, Width - 230 mm, Height - 310 mm


So EASY to set up! Watch the video below to see how!

Why would I NEED StandScan?

No more scanners, cameras, computers, expensive lighting or backdrops. Replace all these with StandScan. 

Save office desk space. Easy to use on the road or in the office! Need to scan receipts at a business show? Now you can use StandScan, carry it everywhere.

On a trip and need to email documents to the office? No problem! StandScan it!

No more expensive runs to the business centres, use StandScan as a document scanner and get your job done.

No need to carry bulky catalogs at trade shows, StandScan it and walk away in style with all the information at your fingertips!

Selling products online and need the perfect shot? No problem! Use StandScan as a photo scanner, slide it in and snap away!

No software to download, no drivers to install, no cables to connect.  The scanner features aresimple, easy and quick to use.  Saves you space and time.

Even use StandScan for live presentations!

Save time, save money!

ALSO makes a GREAT gift for your office buddies!

What is the difference between the StandScan and StandScan Pro

Our basic model comes ready to use within seconds of opening the box. Simply snap the frame into place (magnets included), position your smartphone with the camera facing down and begin!  

StandScan Pro has all the basic scanner features and has LED lighting built into the frame to provide clear, bright images and scan results.

There are multiple choices of power connections to power your StandScan Pro. Choosing the right one depends on the level of portability and image quality you require from StandScan.

The images it takes are simply gorgeous.

Designed for road warriors.

A single 9V battery pack for when you are on the go.

A 12V battery pack that holds 8 pencil cells for amazingly bright images and will run for hours without having to replace batteries

A 12V power adaptor that produces the same amazing bright images

* 12 Volts of power light the LED's to their maximum brightness.


It can be used with almost any smartphone including:

Iphone / Ipod touch


Most Android phones

Most Windows smartphones

Most Nokia smartphones