StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users


Business is getting tough, competition is sharp and staying ahead is the name of the game. Sending the document at the right moment may be the difference between a deal clinched and a deal lost. Finding the right scanner when you need it may be the clincher for bagging that project. Here’s where StandScan steps in as your personal, portable scanner to help you achieve all this and more.

So what exactly is StandScan?

Simply put, it is a portable scanner that helps you take easy and perfect scans with your smartphone or mobile within seconds anywhere you may be. That means, you can scan in your car, you can scan at your desk without needing to wait in a queue to access the office scanner and you can scan at home. Once you are done just fold the scanner up and put it away in your laptop bag till you need it again.

Why you need a StandScan?

StandScan is foldable, portable and lightweight! It is a smart scanner rolled into a tiny package that is accessible at all times. It is compatible with almost all phones. That makes it a smartphone scanner, a routine mobile scanner, a photo scanner and a lightbox - all in one.

Held together by magnets and with a slot allotted to fit in your smartphone comfortably, you are ready to scan the moment you have unfolded the box. It is just as simple as that. Need better lighting? Get yourself the StandScan Pro and switch on the built in LED to get the perfect scan. Even in the basic model StandScan comes with a stark white backdrop. This ensures clarity and sufficient light reflection for the correct scan.

StandScan is your answer to all scanning requirements. You do not need any driver software, you do not need any ports to connect to, all you need is a space to set up the scanner for a while and you are ready to scan. Document scanner and photo scanner rolled into one. A handy, portable device for the smart generation.

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