StandScan Portable Document Scanning with built-in lighting for smartphone users

StandScan Snap – Portable Lightbox for product photos

StandScan Snap makes it easy to take professional looking product shots, like really easy!

The StandScan snap is an affordable, foldable, quick setup, photography lightbox. Get the right shot and list your products online to sell in minutes

StandScan Snap comes with high powered built-in LED lights on the inside of the device to provide great lighting for product pictures and high image quality.

It also comes with a light diffuser for taking images of reflective objects so that the lighting is softer and reduces shadows.

Hassle free product photos in a snap!

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StandScan Snap lets you take professional quality product shots or photograph objects with your mobile phone or any other camera.

The StandScan snap is an affordable, foldable, quick setup, photography lightbox. Get the right shot and list your products online to sell in minutes.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of good product photography so with StandScan Snap we have more than doubled the lighting of the StandScan Pro for better product shots.

With the same white design, you still get the pure white non reflective matt background.


Using StandScan Snap is easy.

1. Assembles in seconds by snapping the frame into shape. Held together with powerful magnets.

StandScan Snap held together by magnets


2. Power it on. It ships with the 12V mains adaptor.

Take your photography on the road. A 12V battery pack is available separately if you want to use this on battery power.


 StandScan Snap powered on


3. Snap away. Use your mobile phone or a camera. You will get beautiful results with both. Here are some examples.

If the product is reflective, put in the diffuser. This makes the lighting softer with lesser shadows.

StandScan Snap professional product pictures with a smartphone or camera

StandScan Snap sample product photo with iPhone 4s

StandScan Snap sample product photo with DSLR 


4. Let your creative juices flow. A new background can be placed in the base or hung with magnets from the top. A background can be printed from your regular printer, be it a single color or design. Textured, cloth or other backgrounds are also great to give that artistic effect.

StandScan Snap smartphone studio

 StandScan Snap interchangeable background studio

The StandScan Snap can also be used for document scanning, however being best suited for product shots, it ships with a 12V power adaptor and light diffuser.

Other power accessories like the 9V battery pack and 12V battery pack will still work with it.

The LED lighting and diffuser helps to eliminate distracting shadows and provide you with high quality pictures and clearer scans. StandScan Snap also folds flat for easy storage and simple mobility.

StandScan will give you the perfect shot every time!

As with all StandScan models, there is no software to download, no drivers to install and no cables to connect. Easy to use and totally portable lightbox.

StandScan Snap Specifications  


So EASY to set up! Watch this video to see how!



StandScan Pro vs StandScan Snap

The Snap emits double the light of the StandScan Pro which results in better product photos.

StandScan Pro ships with 9V battery pack while the Snap ships with a 12V power adaptor to power those powerful bright lights.

The Snap also includes a lighting diffuser


*Please switch off for 5 minutes after every 60 minutes of use.


Additional Info

Additional Info

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